K5 Freeport & Oil Centre

K5 provides logistic support for the offshore drilling operations and companies located in Equatorial Guinea and along the West African coast. Benefits include :

  • Reliable and cost-effective hub from which to distribute goods and supplies within the entire West Africa region
  • K5 is an approved and certified Freeport, which means customers can benefit from duty free transit storage and transhipments of cargo.
  • Expedited clearance due to Customs and Immigration department being on site
  • Experts at managing and controlling the flow of cargo through its Freeport & Oil Centre
  • K5’s highly experienced, international management team and fully trained, skilled local work force, that tailor-make packages to ensure, that our clients receive the most cost-saving operational solution
  • K5’s vast range of modern quality equipment – maintained and operated by skilled and qualified staff – guarantees operational safety and faster cargo handling
  • Economic benefits – by providing the full package of logistic services, K5 achieves faster turnaround times for your cargo and vessels
  • With reliable communications between the contractor and the client, K5 minimises material handling risks, increases security levels and manages tools and equipment efficiently, which ensures a high-quality, modern and safe facility operating 24/7
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