Safety in this dynamic industry is a vital topic. Safety should not be confused with ISPS and C-TPAT regulations, as these are security related. Safety is, most of the time, subject to international HSE (Health Safety Environment) regulations.

K5 Oil Centre operates in the specialised Oil & Gas business and is very much subject to additional industry-specific safety procedures. The main issue with safety is the factor of human error, which cannot be captured in a manual. At times, this factor creates conflicts between safety and efficiency. On terminals, the stevedores, drivers and other staff have to comply with all procedural requirements, and are subject to many internal and external audits. K5 has a highly qualified HSE department and they watch over safety issues 24/7. All (lifting) equipment and auxiliary assets used (such as lifting wires, lashing materials, etc.) must be certified and are subject to regular checks and controls, as is any and all other hardware, machinery and equipment. The factor of human error through human participation remains difficult to quantify. In order to minimise accidents, clear communication that allows for constant awareness of potential dangers is vital. Clear interaction between all participating parties as well as a high level of common sense result in the best, safest practices throughout an operation.

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