Newsletter #1

Newsletter 1

Dear readers,

Our main office, the picturesque Villa Mercedes is edging closer to 100 years old. Since 1928 it has seen pages of history unfolding, from the colonial days towering above a cocoa plantation to eyewitness the development of the Oil & Gas industry in Equatorial Guinea. We will continue to look after hoping it can live another centenary full of stories. "Today's gossip is tomorrow's headline". For as much as we all enjoy a good gossip in this fast paced world, there is nothing like real information

We want to be closer to our clients, share exciting news on what has happened at our base, interesting stories or initiatives to make our work place safer and the world a better place. This is our very first newsletter, which will be out every semester.

We appreciate all your support through the years and strive every day to improve our services.

K5 successfully discharged and trucked 44 pieces of sub radiant coil harps to Punta Europa with a total of 6.687,04 Cbm, distributed on 2 shipments onboard of MV Royal 1 and MV Jutha Malee. Scope of work included handling at quayside prior to delivery to final destination, according to a pre-determined sequence.

Transportation to Punta Europa was done through convoys of 3 to five flat beds with multiple trips per day with zero accident at the end of the job. A word of appreciation to TLC for traffic control arrangements.

K5 is still attracting companies that can offer services to Oil & Gas industry to confirm its position as a one stop solution. We are proud to announce TSMC, a Diving & Offshore Maintenance company offering services in the region.

Working from their EG base at K5, TSMC has a long history of working with major companies in the oil & gas industries, offering general maintenance of offshore structure, inspection and survey including video inspection subsea tie ins (hydra bolt tensioning), hose changing subsea and surface on SPM buoy, assistance laying pipe (laying electrical cable and repair), wet welding - burning, crack repair, clamp repair, rope specialist.

TSMC is experienced on floating changing, submarine hoses, maintenance of all types of SPM

We care for our workplace, we care for our communities and we care for our planet. K5 success is also reflected on the contribution to society's wellbeing. We believe in supporting those people who have given so much to the community and who now need a helping hand. K5 developed a close relationship with the Ana Costa Foundation, participating in their activities to provide a relief to elderly citizens. We support their efforts to offer a "family", the warmth of sharing a hot meal, have medical attention or just have someone to speak to is priceless.

K5 was among the sponsors on the October Gala dinner, which ended up as a vibrant night of fundraising with plenty of music and fun!

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