K5 is perfectly located to serve
as a cost-effective regional hub for the Oil & Gas industry.

UAL offers feeder services from K5 to :

  • Takoradi, Ghana
  • Onne Port / Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • Douala, Cameroon
  • Port Gentil, Gabon
  • Pointe Noire, Congo
  • Lobito, Luanda, Soyo and Malongo, Angola

West Africa –
additional ports serviced :

Tema, Ghana;  Bata, Equatorial Guinea;
Lagos and Warri, Nigeria;
Banana, Democratic Republic of the Congo;
Porto Amboim, Angola; Walvis Bay, Namibia

Please also contact us for South Africa and East Africa inquiries.

K5 provides logistic support for the offshore drilling operations and companies located in Equatorial Guinea and along the West African coast. Benefits include :

  • Reliable and cost-effective hub from which to distribute goods and supplies within the entire West Africa region
  • K5 is an approved and certified Freeport, which means customers can benefit from duty free transit storage (up to 22 months with 22 months extension possible) and transhipments of cargo.
  • Expedited clearance due to Customs and Immigration department being on site
  • Experts at managing and controlling the flow of cargo through its Freeport & Oil Centre
  • K5’s highly experienced, international management team and fully trained, skilled local work force, that tailor-make packages to ensure, that our clients receive the most cost-saving operational solution
  • K5’s vast range of modern quality equipment – maintained and operated by skilled and qualified staff – guarantees operational safety and faster cargo handling
  • Economic benefits – by providing the full package of logistic services, K5 achieves faster turnaround times for your cargo and vessels
  • With reliable communications between the contractor and the client, K5 minimises material handling risks, increases security levels and manages tools and equipment efficiently, which ensures a high-quality, modern and safe facility operating 24/7