Waste Management

Waste services offered by K5 & UAL include :

  • Licensed on-site waste storage facilities
  • Trans-boundary shipments of hazardous waste
    – waste oil, bilge oil, hydraulic oil, oil filters, batteries & oily rags – from Equatorial Guinea to Belgium for recycling

Waste oil is internationally recognised as a hazardous waste, which cannot be dumped or incinerated. The only legal way to dispose of these materials is to have them recycled.
There is currently no legally recognised recycling plant in West Africa.
‘Recycling’ plants in WA are usually incineration plants or mixing facilities – both are illegal according to international and environmental treaties.

Trans-boundary shipment of hazardous waste has been regulated in the ‘Basel Treaty’. Equatorial Guinea (The Ministry of Fisheries and Environment) and Belgium (OVAM) have signed the international Basel Treaty on environmental issues (along with some 140 other countries), which allows, under strict rules and regulations of the treaty and with the proper licences and customs clearances in place, the waste oil related products to be exported to Europe for recycling.
Locally EG cannot provide the required services and few shipping lines are fully licensed to transport and export hazardous waste.

K5 Freeport & Oil Centre is fully aware of the waste oil issues many companies face in the Oil & Gas industry, based in and around Equatorial Guinea.
K5 jointly with UAL have obtained the necessary licences to transport, store, export and recycle waste oil and waste oil related products on your behalf, which is the only internationally recognised solution.
Trans-boundary shipments of hazardous waste are heavily regulated by both the Basel Treaty and by the European Union regulation 1013 / 2006 .
K5 & UAL will conduct their services strictly in accordance to those regulations.

Your proof and complete track record of legal compliance
Our waste management services include, providing you with evidence of :
• Licensed transport of waste in Equatorial Guinea
• Licensed storage in our waste storage building on the K5 compound
• Evidence of handling by certified K5 personnel
• Export (EG) and Import (Belgium) licence on the Notification Application
• Dedicated Transport documentation (1) when the waste oil is loaded on the ship at K5, (2) when it is discharged in the Port of Antwerp and (3) once it has been recycled by SUEZ R&R BE NORTH N.V..

This is your record of proof that the waste has been recycled legally.

Our current licences include the following waste products :
• Waste oil
• Hydraulic oil
• Kerosene & grease mixture
• Oil filters
• Bilge oil
• Lead batteries
• Oily rags

K5 has built a waste storage warehouse in accordance with Ministry of Fisheries and Environment regulations and has received approval for operations.



K5 has a team of dedicated and trained Operational personnel, who will respond to all your needs :

Base Manager – frida.ndong@k5oilcentre.net + 240-222-258787
Deputy Base Manager – david.nieto@k5oilcentre.net +240-222-587270
Operations Manager (Manuel Garat) – operations.manager@k5oilcentre.net + 240-222-247765

K5 and UAL have shipped numerous batches of waste in the past years and continue to assist our customers to comply with all national and international regulations.

We continue to deliver – safe and fast !

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